Monday, April 19, 2010

Behind sepia shuteye laden with grey good intention,
Aimless rapid eye movement and cold stare. She hums
Cradle tunes on days when the sun evaporates joy to fuel its own laughter
Kindly look here, please. In all these pictures your face says
Boredom, blatant boredom. Clothes that fit too well that drape
Over bodies bruised by limitations, beaten by formality
No one is in charge here.
Everyone is his own boss.

March 22, 2010

Here’s a question:
I wonder if Thomas Edison
ever objected to his incandescence/
invention becoming commonplace becoming
a symbol for bright ideas becoming the punch
line of jokes about incompetence? Or being a
euphemism for people pushed
t o o f a r
b u r n t o u t
as ancient stars.
Can you imagine
where all the
burnt out lightbulbs
go? Do you see them
piled beautifully
burnt or broken
in a landfill somewhere?
Filaments snapped,
shattered glass.
Don’t play with
the lights. How
would Thomas feel
knowing that to-
day it’s the cheaper
less efficient way to
light your home?

March 22, 2010

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

"'Lord, by thy Cross and Resurrection thou hast redeemed the world'

In the symbol of the Cross we can see the magnitude of the human tragedy, the ravages of original sin, and the infinite love of God. Lent is a particularly appropriate time to attempt to penetrate the true meaning of this sacred image represents through prayerful contemplation; and to study the traditions surrounding the Christian symbol of the Cross.

Looking at the Cross in prayer helps us to truly see it. Most Christians have crosses in their homes. Many wear a cross around their necks. Some of these are very beautiful, perhaps made of precious metal and embellished with jewels. The beauty of these devotional objects may emphasize the glory and the victory of Our Lord's Cross; but too often representations of this central symbol of our faith are regarded primarily as decorative, and its true message is lost.

It is fitting that Christians glorify the Cross as a sign of Christ's resurrection and victory over sin and death, of course. But we should remember each time we see a cross that the Cross of Jesus' crucifixion was an emblem of physical anguish and personal defilement, not triumph-of debasement and humiliation, not glory-of degradation and shame, not beauty. It was a means of execution, like a gallows or a gas chamber. What the Son of God endured for us was the depth of ugliness and humiliation. We need to be reminded of the tremendous personal cost of love. "