Friday, May 9, 2008

Okay, yes, I'm going to bed, but - haha - this article:

"The torch en route" -

"Has anyone else noticed how much the presidential campaign and the Olympics are starting to resemble one another?"


So maybe I will sleep inside my coat and / wait on your porch til you come back home / oh, right. i can't find a flight / so i check the weather wherever you are, cause i want to know if you can see the stars tonight / might be my only right / we share the sadness, split-screen sadness

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alice said...

GOSH, SHARON. FIX YOUR SLEEP SCHEDULE! :P I woke up three hours after you went to bed! That's weird.
Ugh, the presidential campaign is SO ANNOYING. I don't even want to follow it anymore; it's even slightly embarrassing to admit that I still do somewhat. Their continued race has gotten ridiculously petty and even nasty. I seriously think that Obama or Clinton should drop out before they cause too much damage to the Democratic party. I used to like Obama more, but now I'm just annoyed by them both. Maybe I should just vote McCain. Haha. Probs not.
Haven't read that article yet, but GOODNESS, SERIOUSLY, the Olympics are annoying as well. Okay, not gonna rant on that.
Anyway. Have a good summer, Sharon! :)