Friday, January 2, 2009

First resolution of the new year: Remember my resolutions

From: Sharon
Subject: phrase-a-day
Date: Thu, January 31, 2008, 11:57 pm

chere stacy,

quelles sont tes resolutions pour le nouvel an?

i didn't make any . . . but i think i have a few (or possibly just things to give up over lent):

1. stop fidgeting (playing with earrings, necklaces, rubbing my eyes, running my fingers through my hair, swinging my legs, tapping my pencil, fussing with things on my desk while i'm talking . . . basically just SIT STILL, especially when i am speaking! i just took my earrings out because i was doing it - the big pink jewel ones with a little clasp, do you know which one i'm talking about?)
2. procrastinate less
3. read 19 more books this year, maybe more!
4. appreciate people more
5. let them know!
6. relax
7. do five things i have never done before
8. learn to figure out what went wrong when things go wrong, and then learn from it, but not agonize/constantly recall what went wrong

probably more, but . . . i will think of them later! i like doing new year's resolutions on the last day of the first month :)

love, sharon

(The only one I thought about vaguely throughout the year was No. 7.)

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