Monday, January 25, 2010

And a fun task!

Here is the poetry assignment we had for today - I really want to read yours, so post it and I'll post mine later this week! We had some great ones in class.

NOTE: DO NOT PREMEDITATE, COMPLETE IN ONE SITTING. Just write what pops into your head and don't try to give it more finesse or style - no apologies, just write.

Without worrying about whether or not your poem "makes sense," compose it by following the steps below:

1. Name one thing you've obsessed about in the past week. Make this the title of your poem.
2. Make an immediate observation about your hair at this moment.
3. Give the reader of your poem an instruction.
4. Make a confession.
5. Give the shortest instructions for preparing your favorite home cooked meal.
6. Contradict what you said in #4.
7. Quote something your parent(s) or friend(s) want to believe about you.
8. Write a word you've never spoken.
9. What did you dream last night?
10. Use a simile to describe how you felt before you fell asleep.
11. Tell the punch line (only the punch line) of your favorite joke. If you don't have a favorite, make one up.
12. Without using a simile, describe a nearby object.

My favorites (when I listened to other people's) were #3, #4, #9 and #11 - I laughed at so many people's punch lines because I was trying to imagine the jokes that preceded them. I had such a hard time finding #8 because (I wrote this at 8 o'clock this morning) I was Googling "SAT words" and the browser kept closing and popping error messages!

At the end of class, our professor said to the everyone, I think this was your first poem. The first poem you wrote for this class.

Cool :)


adnamalow said...

haha it sounds like one of those facebook things. i really like #11 too.

Anonymous said...

Organic Chemistry

Dungy, Messy, frizzy, greasy, needs a bath.
I secretly like to write stories. But you’ll never read them.
Toast a slice of bread. Spread tomato sauce on top. Cover with shredded cheese. Pop in microwave for 30-60 seconds. EAT.
I get writer’s block all the time so I don’t really write stories. Plus, these ideas don’t belong to me.
Child-like—I’ll never grow up. Yet am responsible, independent.
-- I say what I mean unless it’s offensive, wouldn’t write an offensive word here anyways. So NO --
..was escaping some place and found a pair of shoes I’d been looking for. Looked like an old pair of diesels I loved, except red. Then found a yellow pair. Couldn’t decide so decided to wear the red and keep the yellow for later.
A smilie for thoughts pouring out of your brain and failing at keeping them at bay: @;( see that’s the brain. And the face is upset because its brain fell out
Pink, sticky, black-tip, ugly, sparkly, clumpy, glossy, squeeze!

alice said...

What the Heck is Hell, Anyway?

Unkempt, unbrushed, but clean and soft!
Never stop praying.
I'm not an inherently joyful person.
Mix, wrap, boil three times.
I'm always smiling.
You're not asexual, right?
I can't think of one. I have a potty mouth. Only in secret, though. And on roller coasters.
The last time I remembered (not last night; more like a month ago), my teeth were falling out. Or, they were about to, anyway. I could feel them loose and shaky in my mouth, held by stringy gum that would break loose any second. I made an emergency visit to the dentist, but didn't get to see him...
Like a ticking clock -- still, yet agitated upon closer inspection.
He sold his soul to SANTA!
Waxy, wrapped in paper, blunt but colorful.