Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rush hour is a good time to make phone calls

But I hit a lot of voicemails because I called around dinnertime - 6:30? I left lengthy messages on four people's voicemails and then got through to one friend, but she was at the grocery store and said she'd have to call me back. So beware, you might be next!

"Na-ma-ste" is Hindi for "Hello," "Good morning," "Good afternoon," and "Good night".

I'm learning to focus my thoughts based on my location, a very useful skill - i.e., think about work stuff at work and NOT think about work at home. And also be less distracted at work.

I'm starting to be okay with the fact that none of the skills God's helped me work on a lot this year - organization, tasking, planning - is really coming into play in familiar ways at my job, but in different ways, sort of as they apply to engineering. I have so little experience that sometimes it feels like I have none of the skills that would qualify me for what I'm expected to do (still figuring out what that is). I'm seeing that I still have a lot to learn about patience, time management, and self-discipline. I'm building from the ground up, but at least I'm learning and growing, for sure.

This summer is about stretching, I think. Well, glancing backward, they've all been, at least a little bit.

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alice said...

Sharonnnn call meeee next! Not during dinnertime, though. Haha. Or, come online more often. I need some Sharon-loving. =)