Sunday, February 3, 2008

Je suis heureuse d'être à nouvelle en ville.

French phrase of the day for Friday, Feb. 1: "I am glad to have returned to the city."

It really occurred to me for the first time on Wednesday that I go to Carnegie Mellon. I mean, like, a weighty, aware-of-my-surroundings, aware-of-my-identity, aware-of-being-labeled-by-the-school realization. The "I'm that girl in that publicity brochure"-type of feeling. I really go to this school. I am Carrie A. Card on the CMU student IDs, I'm just another student here. For a split second, I time-warped to five, eight years from now, and imagined myself saying, Yes, I went to Carnegie Mellon. It was so odd and a little bit overwhelming.

But despite the rough start, this semester is going well, and I am most definitely glad to be back in Pittsburgh.

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alice said...

:) Nice to hear someone being positive about being a CMU student. Don't get that often, unfortunately. Even in my case, it's a love-hate relationship. Oh well.