Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Les plages du coin sont magnifiques.

French phrase of the day for Tuesday, Feb. 12: "The beaches there are beautiful."

WOW, could not be anymore different from today's weather! Snowy and slushy and wet and gross. The snow was pretty. But disgusting on the roads and sidewalks.

I would love to lie out on the beach right now. er, in the daytime. with tons of spf.

We had tech run-through for the show! Sound and lights, no lines. That starts tomorrow. Aah excited but a little nervous! I can't believe this week is finally here. I thought it'd never come.

Oh, and my phrase-of-the-day calendar says it's Lincoln's birthday! On Tuesday, not today. Hope you had a heads-up lucky day today (yesterday)!

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